From Fiery Single-Serving Chips to Chef-Driven Recipe Boxes

 - Dec 25, 2016
The foodie label covers a broad group of people, and that means that foodie gifts can cover an equally diverse range of items. Some foodies are competitors looking eat the wildest dishes, others look for refinement and class in their meals, and still others want the most sustainable food options.

For the competitive eater this holiday season, foodie gifts need to push the limits. The Carolina Reaper Madness chip is a daring choice, as it's so spicy that the vendor sells them in single-serving packages. And though a potato chip might not seem like it could also qualify as a gourmet gift, St. Erik's Brewery's potato chips cost more than $11 each and are handcrafted individually.

Eco-eaters have lots of choice for their foods, but those looking for a convenient subscription service can opt for Sun Basket, which uses compostable packaging.