This Fancy Button-Up Features a Triangular Pocket for Holding Pizza Slices

 - Mar 12, 2016
References: peewee & foodiggity
The Pizza Pocket Shirt is every pizza lover's dream that combines foodie fandom with elegant fashion. The classic blue and white button up features an innovative triangular pocket that is ideal for holding a slice of pizza. This way foodies can keep a snack with them at all times, while simultaneously keeping the wearer's hands free.

Unlike a traditional button-up shirt, the Pizza Pocket Shirt opts for a triangle pocket in place of a square one that is usually used to hold small objects such as smartphones or tissues. The triangular shape of the pocket is designed after a slice of pizza in order to store one on the wearer's person.

Novelty products such as the Pizza Pocket Shirt speak to consumers looking to embrace fast food culture through more sophisticated and stylized means.