Garrett Weber-Gale Designed the Nutritious AthleticFoodie Products

 - Aug 8, 2016
References: cratejoy
American Olympic gold medalist swimmer Garrett Weber-Gale is the founder of the 'AthleticFoodie' pre-packaged snack subscription service.

In order to assist other athletes in reaching their goals, Garrett Weber-Gale worked alongside a team of sports dietitians to offer a variety of different snacks that efficiently increase energy levels, are easy to travel with and are completely natural. In addition to being incredibly nutritious, the snacks taste great so that consumers will look forward to the next one every time.

By ordering the AthleticFoodie subscription, consumers not only receive a variety of ready-to-eat snacks, but also a nutrition newsletter that's formulated by the dietitian team to help consumers get a better understanding as to when they should eat what to reach maximum results. The subscription is perfect for athletically inspired consumers and parents looking for simple and healthy snack alternatives for their children.