This Vinaigrette Dressing Flavor Blends Herbs with Indian Spices

Cristal's 'Curry & Chives Vinaigrette' dressing provides an unusual flavor combination that complements meat-based dishes and salads. The spicy and savory dressing will appeal to those who are interested in the foodie movement and are looking for new ways to experiment with familiar flavors. Flavorful dressings, dips, pastes and sauces like these with exotic, globally inspired flavors like these are becoming extremely popular on the market, especially since these kinds of formats allow consumers to be adventurous in very small doses.

Cristal's other vinaigrette dressings include a Classic and a Mustard flavor, but this one is the standout by far. The brand is also known for making a few other unconventional condiment fusions like apple-flavored hot sauce and balsamic vinegar hot sauce.