The Manzil Downtown Dubai's Holy Month Menu Embodies Luxury

 - Jul 11, 2016
The Manzil Downtown Dubai's Ramadan menu consists of gourmet versions of traditional suhur and iftar dishes -- while suhur is a morning meal consumed before prayer, iftar is its evening equivalent with both replacing Muslims' traditional dining routine.

The boutique's hotel's in-house eatery The Boulevard Kitchen is home to a Ramadan menu that consists of upscale fare with a rustic twist. While its signature iftar dishes include starters like fruit platters, salads and saj, its suhur options range from Daoud bawsha to chicken liver and pomegranate molasses.

Those tasting this opulent Ramadan menu can also enjoy a selection of fine Arabic desserts and signature cocktails that are alcohol-free without sacrificing quality ingredients and great taste. No longer synonymous with ultra conservative practices, the Holy Month of Ramadan is inspiring memorable dining experiences while keeping core traditions in place.