This Service Supplies Parents with Prepackaged Lunches

A South African-based subscription service called The Original Box Company gives parents the option to order prepacked lunches for their kids. With many parents pressed for time, it can be difficult to pack healthy and flavorful lunches each and every day of the week. This service is designed to help parents skip the lunch-making process by providing them with healthy meals that have been prepared ahead of time.

The Lunchbox is a subscription service that provides parents with 21 prepacked lunches each month. Each lunch comes with one beverage and three non-perishable food items such as rice cakes, biltong and mixed nuts. This means that all parents have to do is add some fresh fruit or a sandwich to complete the meal. While the lunches contain an incredible variety of products, all of the items chosen are specially designed to appeal to kids.

For parents who simply don't have the time to pack school lunches each day, this service ensures that children are still able to enjoy a healthy mid-day meal.