Christopher Elbow's Caramel Chocolates are Infused with Zesty Flavor

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: elbowchocolates & trndmonitor
As the coloring of these vibrant caramel chocolates suggest, these treats take on unusual orange, lime and lemon flavors. The six-piece Christopher Elbow chocolate collection is free from preservatives, artificial ingredients and gluten, while also boasting fresh and seasonal ingredients.

With the rise of foodie culture, many consumers are now seeking out bold, sophisticated and layered flavors, which has led to a renewed interest in zesty, tangy, bitter and sour flavors that stem from a variety of citrus fruits, which are notes that are now beginning to be included in unusual products across the food and beverage industry. As well as catering to a consumer's desire for exoticism, these unique citrus flavors also manage to satisfy a desire for healthy options.