From Allergy-Friendly Burgers to Milk-Flavored Potato Chips

 - Jul 3, 2016
The June 2016 food product trends reveal that while consumers continue to demand better-for-you options and nutrient-rich foods, there is a still an interest in strange and unusual food products. Indeed, it appears as thought the shift towards healthier food options does not mean that consumers have stopped purchasing fun and creative snack foods.

As expected, the June 2016 food product trends demonstrate a continued demand for healthier versions of traditional dishes. This is particularly true of meat, as a growing number of consumers are interested in plant-based alternatives. Some of the most innovative examples of vegetarian-friendly food products include allergy-free veggie burgers, plant-based frozen dinners and fishless vegan fillets.

On the other hand, brands continue to release unexpected snack foods that prioritize taste over nutritional value. Some examples of these creative food products include soda-flavored toaster pastries, bearded gummy candies and milk-flavored potato chips. These kinds of snacks are likely to appeal to experimental foodies who are more interested in creative flavor combinations than nutrition.