These Soda Pop Tarts are Flavored After Favorite Pop Varieties

Pop Tarts are a brand notorious for offering consumers unexpected flavor profiles, and the Soda Pop Tarts are definitely no exception. The latest flavors include Frosted Crush Orange and Frosted A&W Root Beer, which are flavored after the Crush and A&W root beer sodas, respectively.

Consumers of all age ranges have come to expect variation and a certain level of artisanal flair when it comes to their food choices. This latest release from Kellogg's helps transform a well-loved refreshment into a food for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

The Soda Pop Tarts are an example of flavor reversal and infusion that sees foods switching shapes and forms to expand interest and reinvigorate interest in a classic brand.

These latest flavors of Pop Tarts are expected to hit store shelves in the US starting in May of this year.