Puccho's 'Ajiyui' Series of Japanese Candies Includes a Wine and Cheese Flavor

 - May 12, 2016
References: en.rocketnews24
Consumers in Asia are often the most receptive to offbeat food and drink flavors, including these new Japanese candies from Puccho.

Puccho's 'Wine & Yaki-Cheese' candy comes from its 'Ajiyui' confectionery series and consists of a chewy candy that is meant to be evocative of the taste of a mellow French Bordeaux wine and a toasted cheese. When the candy is unwrapped from its packaging, it is all pink, although there are chunks of cheese that are embedded into the center of the treats.

Puccho's Ajiyui collection also includes a matcha tea candy and last year, the company gained recognition for its unusual salmon-flavored candy. Like these unusual chewy candy varieties from Puccho, there are also examples of candies that have been modeled after other sophisticated food and drink flavors like meat and cheese, miso soup and sake.