This Cielos Snack Gives Olives Flavorful Coatings Like Paprika and Wasabi

 - May 18, 2016
Olives are typically purchased by consumers in jars or in plastic tubs from a store's antipasto bar, but Dumet's Cielos Crunchy Olives offer an entirely new way to snack on olives.

This portable olive snack introduces crunchy olives that come in a bag. The olives are oven-baked and come in six different flavors with crispy coatings, including ones like Indian Curry, Wasabi and Sour Cream & Onion that completely transform the experience of eating olives on-the-go.

A comparable product to this Cielos Crunchy Olives snack are the single-serve pickles from Oh Snap! Both of these new products take food items that are conventionally only found in jars and repackage them in a way that's convenient for out-of-home eating. This signals that there is a great opportunity for other products of this nature.