The Nude Popcorn Company is a New UK Snack Brand

 - May 5, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
The Nude Popcorn Company is a recently launched snack brand from Tyrrells that is expected to hit the shelves of Sainsbury's in 2016. The new popcorn snack brand boasts a vibrant color palette and overall easily approachable branding experience that is sure to resonate with discerning Millennial consumers. Unique touches such as a bespoke font for the Nude Popcorn Company logo make the product appear fresh and different.

The messaging strategy of the brightly hued packaging is one that emphasizes youth and communicates health, with the tagline being "With Nothing to Hide." The Nude Popcorn Company snacks do not contain gluten and are low calorie in an effort to appeal to young, health-conscious female consumers.