Natasha's Seasoned Chips Taste Like Another Vegetable

 - May 5, 2016
It's not uncommon to see kale snacks sold as seasoned chips that are designed to take after flavors that are inspired by classic potato chips. The popularity of this leafy green superfood has also made room for kale chips that are coated in cheesy powder or even melted chocolate.

While there are many varieties on the market, Natasha's Living Food sets itself apart by creating Spicy Tomato Kale Crunchies, unique vegetable chips that borrow flavor from another fresh vegetable. These tomato-inspired chips get their spiciness from red pepper and cayenne and boast a formula that's free from gluten, dairy, sugar and eggs.

As an alternative to this flavor, Natasha's Living Food also makes a Lemon & Pepper variety for those who like a more zesty taste.