'Mighty Wings' Recently Reappeared on the McDonald's Menu

 - May 2, 2016
References: mcdonalds & chewboom
McDonald's recently decided to bring back its 'Mighty Wings' for the third time. The dish was originally introduced back in 1990, but its failure to become a fan favorite led to its eventual demise. The dish subsequently made a brief return in 2013 and now it is back again for the third time.

Mighty Wings is a dish that consists of bone-in chicken wings coated in a spicy breading. The wings are available in three, five or 10-piece orders and come with a dipping sauce on the side. As of right now, the dish is being served at 285 McDonald's locations with tests expected to run until mid-June.

While the high cost of the dish means it is unlikely to become a permanent menu item, the move to bring back the wings demonstrates that McDonald's is willing to experiment with past dishes.