This Vegetable Chip Snack is Sweetened with Cinnamon and Coconut Sugar

 - May 5, 2016
References: rhythmsuperfoods
When cooked, beets are fairly sweet and nutritious on their own, but in order to transform this pink root vegetable from a mealtime staple into a snack, Rhythm Superfoods made dehydrated beet chips that are dusted with a sprinkling of cinnamon and coconut sugar. The Cinnamon & Coconut Sugar beet chips are an excellent source of fiber and potassium and make a healthier alternative to fried potato chips.

A growing healthy living movement is inspiring more consumers to adopt healthier eating habits, beginning with making simple changes in their snacking habits. As a result, there are now many alternative fruit and vegetable chip products on the market that are made with everything from Brussels sprouts and spinach to jicama and pineapple.

Rhythm Superfoods also makes its beet chips in Naked and Sea Salt flavors.