Joylent's 'Twenny Bar' Provides a Dose of Balanced Nutrition on the Go

 - May 13, 2016
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Joylent is a brand that's known for making a nutritionally balanced meal shake that is loaded with all of the essential nutrients the body needs.

As an alternative to the powdered Joylent, Joylent Vegan, Joylent Wake Up and Joylent Sport, the brand now also makes a solid 'Twenny Bar' for on-the-go snacking. As its name suggests, the bar provides just 20% of the recommended daily intake. Currently, these dense ready-to-eat nutritional snack bars are offered in both banana and chocolate flavors. With these nutrient-complete meal bars, Joylent says: "Throw some in your backpack, a couple in your purse or the glove compartment of you car and never worry about food again."

Joylent's products first became extremely popular after the brand was featured in Vice—this publication's young readership is the perfect target audience for this product.