From Slenderized Yogurt Cups to Peel-Back Snack Packs

 - Jan 5, 2016
In recent years, many brands have begun offering portion-controlled snacks as an alternative to traditional packaging. These single-serve packages not only make it easier for consumers to snack on the go, but they also provide a simple guideline for healthy eating. These particular snack options allow consumers to indulge in their favorite foods without the risk of compromising their diet.

One of the most familiar approaches to portion control is the idea of single-serve packaging. The pre-packages portions allow consumers to enjoy decadent foods such as cookies, pudding and souffle without the risk of consuming too many calories at once. These packages can come in the form of individually wrapped food products or single-serve cups.

Another innovative approach to portion control comes in the form of compartmentalized packages. For example, there are snack packs that allow consumers to enjoy individual ingredients at different times. There are also divided candy boxes that let consumers know when they have consumed a single serving.