These Pudding Cups from FMR Chocolate are Equivalent to a Full Meal

While there plenty of shakes, snack bars, wafers and even cookies geared towards meal replacement, it's rare to see a pudding cup devoted to this purpose, like these ones from FMR Chocolate. The flavored Formulated Meal Replacement (FMR) puddings come in varieties like chocolate and iced coffee, separated by three levels of thickness. As well as providing satiety, the puddings are loaded with 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

While meal replacements are often adequate in terms of nutrition be consumed on their own, FMR suggests combining the treat with fruit, or turning the pudding into ice cubes and serving them as a cream substitute. Since the pudding is stable to freeze and thaw, it can also be consumed like a chilled treat.

Now that both meal-replacing foods and fortified snacks are appearing on the market, small portions are becoming better at satisfying taste and nutritional requirements.