SJM Conceives of an Easy to Open Packaging Design for Seed Mixes

 - Jan 21, 2015
References: sjmmedia
There are many reasons why companies are leaning towards creating and using easy to open packaging. First of all, such foresight is appreciated by environmentally conscious customers. Bags and boxes that are more convenient to get into often require less materials. Secondly, such designs make a brand's product stand out from its competition since many consumers are in the market for convenient items. Thirdly, the easy to open packaging speaks to a large demographic: boomers.

SJM Media has conceived of an easy to open packaging involving fruit and nut snacks. Placed in stouter bags, the lip opens up generously with one tug in order for people to use it as a bowl when eating. Convenient on a couple of levels, the snack itself will appeal to boomers as it focuses on a healthy lifestyle.