Nutster's Covered Almond Snacks are Embedded in Yogurt, Rice Crisps and More

 - May 13, 2016
References: mychocolatesnack & trndmonitor
Nutsters makes flavorful covered almond snacks that seem deceptively simple from the outside. While the outermost layer of the nut snack seems to be comprised of only a chocolate coating, there is much more to these nut snacks than meets the eye.

Biting into the snack will reveal a dry-roasted whole almond at the center, which is surrounded by a real fruit yogurt filling, a cocoa wafer, rice crisps and a certified fair trade chocolate outer that's drizzled with yogurt. The dark chocolate-coated blueberry and milk chocolate-coated strawberry flavors are made with entirely GMO-free ingredients, no preservatives and as Nutster puts it, "no unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients."

These decadent nut snacks are loaded with enough texture and flavor to sate anyone with a sweet tooth who craves a healthy bite-sized snack.