Doughnut Time's Nutella Hot Chocolate Menu is Decadently Garnished

 - May 2, 2016
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Australian snack chain Doughnut Time recently announced its newest menu addition, Nutella hot chocolate that is decadently topped with Hershey's kisses, M&M chocolate bark and crushed candy. While competing cafes have introduced their own versions of Nutella treats and beverages, this one is more indulgent than most and will appeal to extreme foodies who aren't afraid to experiment with new flavors.

Not for the calorie-conscious, this Nutella hot chocolate menu boasts decadent beverages that are topped with a myriad of layered dessert garnishes. The final accent to these drinks is a dusting of fresh cocoa powder, adding to its rich flavor profile.

Doughnut Time's newest menu is infused with a popular hazelnut spread that many grew up eating and blends its familiar flavor with a handful of decadent additives.