The Wa Green Matcha Tea Hotcake Mix is Designed for Quick Meal Prep

 - May 25, 2016
References: japantrendshop
This green tea flavored pancake mix by Wa allows consumers to make matcha pancakes quickly and efficiently using a pre-prepped mix. The green-tea infused powered batter is packed with antioxidants and natural stimulates to provide an edible version of the popular green tea in a sweet format.

The Wa Green Matcha Tea Hotcake Mix is a Japanese product that allows consumers to make foolproof green tea pancakes using a powdered batter. The batter is premixed and portioned, allowing consumers to simply add the liquid and cook the cakes. The mix contains powdered matcha sourced from Kyoto that gives the pancakes a slight green hue and eaters the same effect as drinking the tea. Additionally, the hotcakes can also be served with matcha syrup for added flavor.