The Take 5 Bar Has Been Rebranded to Appeal to Millennials

 - Apr 28, 2016
References: facebook & businessinsider
Hershey is relaunching its classic Take 5 Bar in an effort to appeal to millennial consumers. While the candy bar was never as popular as other Hershey products, the company is hoping that it will become a favorite among a new generation of consumers.

To relaunch the product, Hershey created a new wrapper that clearly showcases the bar's five unique components. Unlike other chocolate bars, the Take 5 Bar contains sweet, salty, nutty and chocolatey flavors all rolled into one delicious product. It is this distinct flavor and texture that appeal to evolving millennials tastes. As brand manager Chris Kinnard explains, millennials are "flavor explorers and adventurous when it comes to food." The relaunch also includes a more targeted advertising campaign involving Twitter, Instagram and other mediums that are popular among young consumers.

The revamp of the Take 5 Bar demonstrates how previously unsuccessful products can be rebranded to appeal to different demographics.