The WORX 'AeroCart' Wheelbarrow Does Various Jobs Around the Home

 - May 13, 2016
References: thegreenhead
Multifunctional design has become of paramount importance to many consumers who don't have space for multiple products, which the WORX 'AeroCart' garden cart puts front and center. Capable of carrying garden supplies, lifting heavy objects, working as a dolly and even a manual snow plow, the WORX 'AeroCart' can seemingly do all the heavy lifting around the home.

The secret to the WORX 'AeroCart' garden cart's eight in one multifunctional design is the specially designed modular aesthetic that allows attachments to be added or removed. The tough unit features wheels that are powerful enough to lift extra heavy loads, while the handles and other portions are intended to be used in various scenarios with ease.

The WORX 'AeroCart' is an ideal option for those that have outdoor space that requires maintenance and can provide support in nearly any season or scenario.