The Bundeze 'Band-it' Multitool Wallet Packs Cash, Cards and Tools

There's certainly no shortage of card carriers on the market today, but the Bundeze 'Band-it' multitool wallet looks to offer guys a way to stay prepared for survival scenarios to boot.

Packing a solid design frame that incorporates a bottle opener and other tools, the Bundeze 'Band-it' is crafted from aluminum to ensure lightweight durability.

The incorporated elastic band allows users to pack up to eight cards or 30 bills into the wallet without it showing signs of wearing. This cord also comes in handy in survival scenarios where the person needs to tie something or create a tourniquet.

The Bundeze 'Band-it' multitool wallet enhances the perceived capabilities of card carriers and helps to support the survivalist movement, which is still showing little sign of slowing down.