From Portable Personal Safes to Safety-Enhancing Door Locks

 - Sep 27, 2016
These low tech home security innovations range from cleverly designed deadbolt locks to fences and window coverings that deter intruders while doubling as eye-catching design accents.

In addition to memorable examples like the 'Bowley,' -- a lock that ensures maximum performance for home owners -- other standouts include personal safes that are designed to be both discreet and portable in their appearance.

Furthermore, other notable low tech home security inventions include barricading door locks like the concept designed by China-based creatives Lorenzo Lee and kʌ’loka. Featuring a horizontal mechanism, the door lock appears sleek and modern while simultaneously working to keep a home's entry point barricaded and protected. Appealing to those seeking safety and reassurance, these innovations are cleverly designed and effective while remaining accessible and affordable for the masses.