The 'Bleep' Door Knob Handle Whistles to Warn of Fire

 - Sep 26, 2016
References: yankodesign
The 'Bleep' door knob handle looks to ensure that residents of a home or an office building remain safe during the event of a fire. The 'Bleep' handle operates like any other handle when there is no danger present.

If a fire breaks out, the flames will suck up all the oxygen in the room that will create a slight vacuum effect that will draw in air from wherever it can. This is where the 'Bleep' handle comes into handy: the vacuum effect will pull air through the whistle and create a shrill sound to let residents of the space know not to enter or touch the handle.

The 'Bleep' door knob handle is the design work of Wang Jun-Yi, Tu Chun-Yi, Yang Ding-Zan and Ju Shiuan-Kai.