These Garment Designs are Recreated Using Edible Ingredients

 - May 14, 2016
References: instagram & mymodernmet
Edgar Artis is an illustrator that draws intricate fashion garment designs, but instead of opting for classic art materials he uses food to form the clothing. Various edible ingredients are arranged accordingly to represent the skirts or the frocks of the dresses, creating texture and dimension to the flat illustrations.

The drawings are done half with colored pencil and half with food. The edible ingredients are mainly used to replicate the styled clothing while the pencil is reserved for the rendering of the body and model's face. Items such as sliced peppers, curled noodles, kiwis and even melted chocolate are used to create avant-garde and couture skirts, tops and dresses and make them look seemingly realistic -- even though the design is entirely edible. Each illustration is then photographed with the produced used to create the design displayed on the side.