The Super-S Purifier Replicates Fresh Mountain Water for the Home

 - May 24, 2016
References: & yankodesign
The Super-S Water Purifier is a modern kitchen appliance designed to allow consumers to have the fresh and pure quality of mountain water in the comfort of their own urban homes. The system is a countertop device that is able to purify city water to the same degree, replicating the taste and cleanliness of fresh spring water for the home.

Often times living in the city can lead water to be heavily filtered and fitted with additives and minerals to accommodate for the large amount of circulation. Appliances such as the Super-S Water Purifier help to achieve the natural state of water in the home, allowing consumers to have a tankless purifier that cleans water to a state of fresh spring water taste. The device is also conveniently gesture controlled for easy use.