- Jul 2, 2016
These June 2016 modern trends range from abstract laser clocks to pyramid-themed museum extensions. For centuries, architects have married contemporary and historical elements to create more striking structures, a theme prevalent in this month's most notable building projects. While the Tate Modern Art Gallery's latest extension -- titled 'The Switch House' -- embodies eye-catching and mathematical details, Kavellaris Urban Design's 'Spectrum Apartments' illustrates the visual power of primary colors.

In addition to the month's most notable architectural innovations, these June 2016 modern trends also include interior products like multi-combination wall panels, aeroponic wall gardens and shifting furniture collections that encourage creativity and customization.

Additional standouts include conceptual art examples that push visual boundaries while blurring a viewers perception. Notables range from realistic meat sculptures to outdoor boulder replicas that are painted in a psychedelic and highlighter-hued palette.

From Conceptual Boulder Installations to Modular Furniture Lines: