The Parallel Construction of This Home Gives It a Distinct Look

 - May 18, 2016
References: planbarq & archdaily
Designed by Plan:B Arquitectos and to be located in Rionegro, Columbia, this home uses parallel construction to form a modern exterior.

The home is made of parallel concrete walls that form four adjacent shapes. The shapes look almost like waves, with the outer ones forming an exact pair and the inner one forming a pair as well. The home is located in a beautiful expansive garden on a hill and is complete with a small courtyard, as well as rooftop solar panels. The four separate sections of the home jut out to present an interesting dimension and design that makes the parallel construction of the home even more apparent.

The interior of the home has four independent staircases, two bedrooms and a suspended library. It is similar in appearance and design to some loft spaces and is a creative concept for a home that sits atop a small hill.