- Jul 2, 2016
From repurposed window retreats to minimalist micro-apartments, the June 2016 architecture trends reveal that big and flashy designs and not always better. Indeed, consumers are increasingly choosing homes that prioritize functionality over pure aesthetics.

One of the most interesting characteristics of modern architecture is the use of recycled materials. Whether it is old window frames or entire shipping containers, there is no limit to the way architects can repurpose old materials. This shift is indicative of the growing focus on environmentalism, as well as the rise of minimalist designs.

In keeping with the demand for minimalism, the June 2016 architecture trends reveal an emphasis on sleek lines and clean aesthetics. This pattern is noticeable when it comes to homes, stores, restaurants and even office buildings, all of which have seen a shift away from flashy fixtures and a renewed emphasis on subtle details.

From Repurposed Window Retreats to Minimalist Micro-Apartments: