March Gut Designs a Contemporary Bar in the Countryside

 - May 24, 2016
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When a person thinks of a wine tavern, perhaps something out of Game of Thrones comes to mind. Yet there is nothing dated or medieval about this particular wine tavern. Instead, it's the complete opposite. Located in Austria, this contemporary building embraces an all-white exterior, which happens to seep into the interior as well. It brings with it a bright, airy aesthetic that people will love.

Designed by March Gut, the wine tavern is nevertheless far from typical. Taking on a pyramidal, stepped aesthetic on the outside, the inside is just as clean and intriguing. Especially when a person travels to the wine cellars located in the lower levels. With concrete floors and light wood furniture, the wine tavern complements the countryside surroundings strikingly. It stands out without making too much of a fuss.