SPS + ARCHITECTS Designed a Stunning Home Using Recycled Materials

Located in the city of Mumbai, the Collage House designed by SPS + ARCHITECTS uses recycled materials and solar panels to create a charming and highly resourceful space. Using recycled doors, windows, scrap metal and more, the patchwork design takes items from the past and combines them with contemporary pieces.

With the minimal concrete features and neutral colors that take over most of the house, the recycled items are featured elegantly without looking cluttered. The bright colored glass and wooden doors juxtapose their backdrop perfectly, separating the exposed concrete ceilings from the white marble floor.

The Collage House includes a private interior courtyard as well, where metal pipes are put together to resemble shoots of bamboo. Scraps of metal are fused beside one another to form siding for a wall in the courtyard and the rooftop features a glass pavilion with a solar panel roof where occupants can get a view of the city.