From Solar Panel Retail Programs to Recycled Cotton Jeans

 - Jul 2, 2016
As the June 2016 eco trends reveal, companies are coming up with increasingly creative ideas when it comes to reducing their impact on the planet. Whether it is making changes to their facilities or to the products they sell, it is clear that brands are beginning to take environmental concerns far more seriously.

The June 2016 eco trends demonstrate that one way companies are making eco-friendly changes is at the retail level. For instance, companies such as IKEA, Target and Staples are running in-store recycling programs to help keep batteries, bulbs and other electronic waste out of local landfills. Another creative example is Etsy's partnership with Geostellar, which aims to make solar energy more accessible to members of the Etsy community.

Beyond retail changes, one of the most dramatic ways brands are reducing their impact on the environment is by changing the kinds of products that they sell. For instance, Levi's recently created the first pair of jeans made from 100 percent recycled cotton. Such advancements demonstrate that brands are increasingly paying attention to the consumer demand for green products.