Hanan Alkouh's Meat Art is a Commentary on Wasteful Consumption

 - May 9, 2016
References: hananalkouh & coolhunting
Hanan Aljouh's meat art exhibit aims to send a message about wasteful consumption and the lack of sustainability in meat consumption.

The meat art titled 'Sea-Meat,' comes in the form of "butcher shop visuals" and "hung faux carcasses," but is actually edible because it is made of dulse, a red seaweed that is said to taste like bacon. The realistic-looking meat substitutes are also enhanced by the carrion flower, which actually replicates the smell of rotting flesh to further drive home the artist's message.

The intersection of vegan and carnivorous lifestyles showcased in this food art exhibit allow the spectator to consider the impact of their consumption habits as well as their impact on animals and the environment. The options for meat alternatives are now enough that meat consumption may have less space in the future as an ethical and sustainable choice.