The 'Feeding the 5000' Festival Featured Dishes Made from Food Waste

New York City recently hosted a food festival called 'Feeding the 5000,' which exclusively served dishes made from food waste. In recent years, there has been a greater amount of attention paid to the issue of food waste in America. This festival cleverly demonstrated how consumers can put their table scraps to good use and cut down on the amount of edible food ending up in the trash.

The Feeding the 5000 festival was organized by a group called Feedback that puts on similar festivals in Europe. At the New York event, guests were treated to free food made from ingredients that would normally be thrown out. Some of the dishes served included a pickle salad made from surplus vegetables and cookies made from the almond flour left over from the almond-oil making process. In addition, guests were able to watch cooking demonstrations that revealed how to turn table scraps into entirely new dishes.

The festival not only helped to draw attention to the growing issue of food waste in America, but it also gave guests valuable tips for changing their behavior when it comes to using up leftover ingredients.