This Cüler Clothing Concept Aims to Control Temperature in the Heat

 - May 16, 2016
References: yankodesign
In response to the earth's rising temperatures, clothing will need to be able to adapt to climate change and start to feature temperature control options.

Designed by Jude Marks, this hooded vest concept aims to provide relief in warm temperatures and prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The hooded vest will feature a temperature control display on its upper left chest, which will provide the user with the option to customize the temperature they would like to be cooled down to. Jude Marks aims for the vest to use the same endothermic process that refrigerators and air conditioners use, so no new methods of cooling would need to be invented for the vest to function as required.

The design will also detect the user's heart rate so they can consult the necessary professionals in case of an emergency.