- Dec 6, 2016
The following inclusive beauty examples provide an indication that brands, individuals and marketing agencies are becoming increasingly aware that there are many demographics they should be targeting, and that their ability to target more than one idealized standard of beauty will positively influence the lives of many people.

H&M's advertisement for its Fall 2016 collection is a subversive commercial that understands the importance of feminism, body positivity, gender and racial diversity. The ad forgoes beauty norms that implicitly or explicitly target restricting beauty norms, and sets an example for how other large retailers should be targeting an array of demographics rather than limiting themselves to just one.

The young teenager Rayouf Alhumedhi's insistence provides an excellent example of individuals who choose to carve out paths that otherwise would not exist. When she found that there were no emojis that represented people who wear different religious and cultural garments on their heads, Rayouf designed a set of emojis with the help of 'Unicode' that would. The teenager saw an issue with a lack of representation for people who wear garments such as hijabs, or those worn by some Christian women, and she chose to resolve the issue herself.

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