The Bike2 is a Rechargeable Electric Bike for Urban Commuters

 - May 11, 2016
References: & theverge
'Bike2' has manufactured a rechargeable bike with a "chainless electric bike motor." The eco-friendly system allows riders to charge their motor as they pedal away. Functioning as a sleek moped in a sense, the rechargeable bike can take on a number of different speeds and adjust gears or simply select an "automatic gearing" option. Users can program chosen speeds as well within the bike's interface.

Unlike many electric bikes, the Bike2's motor is completely silent and compact. The lack of a chain enables better customization as well as takes out some of the issues that are often involved with them, such as rusting or falling off, which can lead to injury. Although the rechargeable bike feels like riding any other bike, the mechanics are entirely controlled through electricity. Designed for urban commuters, this eco-friendly bike is designed to take away the physical stress caused by traditional bikes and allow for a more fluid motion.