Etsy's recycledideas Shop Specializes in Indoor Gardening Supplies

 - May 3, 2016
References: etsy & etsy
Etsy's recycledideas shop specializes in eco-friendly gifts like this portable herb kit that will appeal to urban dwellers with limited outdoor space. Whether purchased by apartment owners without a suitable patio or by green thumbs looking to plant an indoor garden, this convenient product consists of seed paper, a plantable pot, detailed planting instructions and soil pellets.

Each kit also features specific seed tags and is available in floral and herb varieties like basil, dill and parsley. Etsy's recycledideas shop offers portable herb kits that are each made to order and ships its products worldwide from the United States.

Designed for the eco-conscious consumer, these DIY planting kits encourage urban dwellers to cultivate their own food supply while cutting their grocery costs in the long run.