This Company Sells Heavy-Duty Electric Motors for Public Transit

 - Apr 29, 2016
References: wrightspeed & curbed
Wrightspeed is a San Jose-based company that sells heavy-duty electric motors for mass transit vehicles such as buses, delivery vans and garbage trucks. While public transit is often seen as an eco-friendly alternative to cars, not all public transit vehicles can be considered green. This company is trying to make taking public transportation an even more sustainable option by producing motors that use significantly less fuel.

Wrightspeed was started by Tesla Motors founder Ian Wright as a way to apply the same sustainability gains of an electric vehicle to mass transit. As a result, the company began developing heavy-duty electric motors, battery packs and a gas turbine can that can move larger vehicles. These motors are not only more fuel efficient, but they also produce cleaner emissions.

With cities such as Wellington, New Zealand, already on board, the new motors could change the way cities operate their mass transit systems.