From Fast-Charging Electric Buses to 3D-Printed Solar Vehicles

 - Oct 19, 2015
These sustainable car innovations range from fast-charging electric buses to solar vehicles that feature 3D-printed parts. Geared towards eco-conscious millennial drivers, these examples take a vehicle's environmental impact into account.

Ensuring that drivers are doing less to contribute to our fragile planet's pollution, electric cars, residential charging stations and even solar-powered vehicle hubs are more prevalent than ever before. Other standouts include hybrid and electrical buses that make one's daily commute a choice they can feel good about.

Moreover, sustainable car innovations like biodegradable tires, eco-friendly fuel alternatives and driver efficiency apps target consumers who can't afford to invest in an electric or low-emission vehicle. On the luxury car front, iconic brands are retaining sleek aesthetics while evolving their products to become more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient for loyal consumers.