BMW Concept Car is 3D-Printed Out of Degradable Materials

 - Mar 18, 2015
References: & 3dprinting
Maaisaica is the name of a BMW concept car that uses the latest technology to embrace an eco-friendly design. It's 3D-printed out of degradable materials including mycelium mushrooms and grass. Inspired by the Maasai tribe in Serengeti, hence its name, the vehicle also uses a membrane that collects fog during the night to create a self-sufficient system cooling the motor and greenhouse.

Designed in collaboration with Swedish architect Erik Melldahl, the BMW concept car is also powered by the sun. Melldahl writes, "The intention with Maasaica was to do a concept, which will leave questions and thoughts about how to best design a sustainable, locally produced car. Another aim with the project was to question the methods and ideas of the conservative automotive industry."