These Luxury Electric Vehicles Boast Eco-Friendly Features

 - Feb 4, 2016
Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes are a few premium car brands that are now conceptualizing and producing luxury electric vehicles.

It's been less than a decade since the first modern electric vehicles have been sold, but the newest digital and electric cars are offering bright new perspectives on the future. While there are many affordable electric cars that are being introduced to the market, appealing to those who want to support the environment by driving clean vehicles, most high-end automotive manufacturers are still vying for exclusivity. With competitive speed, power and comfort features, these luxury electric vehicles are being introduced as travel retreats within themselves.

One of the most inventive eco-friendly luxury vehicle designs comes from Lexus—it created an electric vehicle that visually embodies environmentalism with a sculptural body made from more than 1,700 pieces of corrugated cardboard.