'GoFar' Fits on the Dashboard to Optimize Driving Time & Reduce Fuel Use

 - Jun 8, 2015
References: kickstarter & fastcoexist
This handy dashboard gadget lets drivers optimize driving time by alerting them when they are driving efficiently or not. The GoFar fits on the dashboard of any old or new car and glows either blue or red. The blue light lets drivers know that they are driving at the optimal speed, while the red light shows when the car is wasting fuel.

This device will improve driving and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption. GoFar reads bad habits such as quick acceleration and start-stop driving. In order to optimize driving time, GoFar lets drivers know their bad habits using the red light so that they can change them.

The smart technology behind GaFar tracks the car's every move, location and surroundings such as wind and terrain. Based on these factors, it connects with each car's engine to find a "sweet spot" that saves drivers money on fuel and money while cutting emissions.