The Mercedes Benz LX Concept by Irfendy Mohamad is Eco-Friendly

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: & yankodesign
The '21 Jump Street' reboot cleverly showed the changing morals of today's society when Channing Tatum tried unsuccessfully to reintegrate into high school using the same tactics from his younger days; the Mercedes Benz LX concept is another illustration of such eco-friendly developments. It rethinks the idea of luxury in a sustainable and environmentally conscious a way as possible.

Designed by Irfendy Mohamad, the Mercedes Benz LX concept envisions the body as made out of Bagasse, the fibrous leftover from sugarcane juice extraction. When treated properly, it is capable of becoming a rigid, bio-degradable structure with practical durability and desirable texture, perfect for such vehicles. The Mercedes Benz LX concept embraces this material further by letting the fibrous texture inspire the design aesthetic of the car itself in the form of creases.