The New VW Phaeton Will Be an All-Electric, Long-Range Vehicle

Volkswagen has announced an overhaul of the VW Phaeton to make it the German automobile maker's first all-electric vehicle.

In a media release, Volkwagen announced its intention to move away from diesel-fueled vehicles and towards a future of electric cars. As part of this initiative, Volkswagen engineers are developing the next generation of VW Phaeton cars.

The VW Phaeton was Volkswagen's flagship electric vehicle when it was introduced in 2002, and has remained its major investment in the realm of electric automobiles. Until recently, however, VW has focused its energy on the development of diesel-powered cars. Now, renewed resources will be put behind the VW Phaeton in order to make it a forerunner in the realm of hybrid vehicles, running on 100% plug-in electricity. The new VW Phaeton will also have an extended range of 186 miles of travel time.