Uber Shows Off the Renault Zoe as an Zero-Emission Vehicle

 - Aug 7, 2015
References: newsroom.uber & adsoftheworld
In honor of International Environment Day this year, Uber teamed up with Renault Romania to show off the Renault Zoe as an all-electric zero-emission vehicle.

Beyond just giving people the chance to ride in a super sustainable car for a short time, the brand partners took it a step further by having radio announcements name the car's passengers as the 'Eco Person of the Year.'

Since it has been found that Millennials crave both recognition and rewards, this inventive campaign manages to provide both to those who make a meaningful decision for the environment. In order to remind these rideshare customers of the impact they made, each received a diploma printed on seed paper that could be planted in order to keep their Earth-saving eco-friendly activities going.