From Localized Carpool Apps to Boosted Budget Smartphones

 - Nov 25, 2016
These Indian tech innovations range from localized carpool apps to boosted budget smartphones that offer impressive features at an affordable rate. In addition to a number of niche operating systems and mobile devices -- from the Coolpad Note 3 model to the Samsung Z3's signature Tizen operating system -- other standouts include digital banking platforms like Icici Bank's voice recognition financial service.

Additional Indian tech innovations gaining global attention include automotive assistant apps like 'Trak N Talk,' the nation's answer to in-car systems like OnStar and, India's first-ever mobile gifting platform.

As one of the world's most successful emerging markets, India is leaving its mark on the mobile industry with affordable products that don't sacrifice quality. Additionally, the nation's social innovations like EPFO's mobile pension plans make benefits coverage more accessible than ever before.